Ripe Group Health provides a range of services designed to cater for sole practicioners and small to medium clinics. Our experienced staff will create a dependable, professional IT package for your medical practice.

Online Consultations and Telemedecine

Ripe Group Health provides tools and solutions you need to provide online consultations across Melbourne or Australia without your office. With live video you can see other participants on the case conference, allowing for better communication.
Share case histories with other practicioners right from Medical Director, Best Practice, Genie or other systems in real time, while sitting at your computer. Be in your own office with all your resources at your fingertips.
Eliminate or minimise travel. Staff time can be used more effectively with patients instead of travelling to rural or remote locations.
No need for special facilities like conference rooms.
Access specialists when you need them. For example, radiologists can access all the graphics and tools on their computer. Even 3D analysis is possible. Participants can share applications. Case conferencing can be recorded, allowing for later references. Government requirements to have a transcript.
Our telemedecine solution is secure, and you’ll always be able to see who is on the call.
Online appointments can be scheduled quickly and easily.
Access to government financial incentives, and telemedecine loadings for online consultations.

Free IT health check

We provide a free IT health check for all new customers and will provide you with a full report on the health of your computer systems. This is a great way to establish a benchmark for your network prior to the commencement of improvements, ensuring the strategic alignment of your IT investment.
The health check looks at the following:
Security – We will test for vulnerabilities in your systems that leave your network open to attack and make recommendations to address these.
Backups – We will review your backup schedule and systems to ensure they are adequate. If you use a Business Continuity Plan, we will audit your backups against that plan. If not, we’ll provide advice based on best practice and industry standards.
Software – Defining your Standard Operating Environment (SOE), we’ll check that alll servers and workstations have the correct software and versions needed to ensure you meet the needs of your staff as well as licensing and security requirements.
Hardware – The check audits against minimum requirements for the software being used in your practice.
Internet connectivity and presence – We will test your internet connection and provide recommendations to improve performance. We can also provide advice on your website design, layout, maintenance and hosting.
Power management – Servers and shared infrastucture should be protected against power outages and fluctuations. We will check equipment is properly protected and that UPS are functioning correctly.

Managed services

Avoid capital costs and let Ripe Group Health manage your entire IT infrastructure for a fixed monthly cost.


Moving to a new premises can be a stressful event. Let Ripe Group Health take the stress away by:
• Installing network cabling and infrastructure at new premises
• Relocating Internet, phone and fax services
• Changing your street address details on your website
• Labelling, packing and moving of computer equipment
• Setting up computer equipment at new premises

Disaster recovery planning

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Ripe Group Health can participate in your Business Continuity Planning (BCP) process to ensure that the IT disaster recovery planning is tuned to the overall needs of your practice. We will design objectives, control measures and disaster recovery strategies using our BCP/DRP processes ensure that you are properly prepared for the worst case scenario.
Ensure that your valuable data is properly backed up. Using a schedule of hourly, daily, weekly and monthly backups with regular backups kept off site so that if systems at the main site are damaged or destroyed we are able to quickly get the business up and running again.


Whether your old website needs updating or you’re after a new website, Ripe Group Health can help.

Virus removal

Network infested with nasties? Ripe Group Health can fix it. We use specialist tools and resources to identify and remove viruses and other malware. We can also provide advice on how to best protect your systems from attack.
Ripe Group Health is an accredited Kaspersky Partner. We also support Nod32, Symatec/Norton, AVG, McAfee, Avira and Avast.